21 febrero 2013

Natalie Joos!!


Natalie joss was born in Belgium and she moved to New York in 1997. She worked as a model for a years  for  finally create her own modeling agency. Fashion expert, it-girl, stylist and  habitual of fashion catwalks and events. Natalie has her own blog " Tales of Endearment" where reflects her fresh, different and modern style.
Her smile is her best sign of identity and proof of this are their  Outfits that reflect fresh and joy. Passionate of  the  Eclectic mixtures, the use of the colors and  her exquisite taste when it comes  to dress  reflect the charisma of her character.

Hope you like it!

2 comentarios:

  1. Blanca!!! Había visto la página de Facebook que ya le di a Me gusta! Me encanta el blog que bien que te animases a hacerlo!! Un besitoo

  2. ibory al final me atrevi!! jajajaj ademas estoy motivadisma pero a mi esto de posar se me da fatal!!